Very dynamic new look for BMW

BMW launched a new model that depicts the autoovel new look coming very dynamic of cars to be sold.

Mazda with its sporty convertible model.

This model comes mazda increasingly value their brand, because it is a very nice car with some very graphic lines excel.

Mclaren or Audi?

Many racing fans do not know what and why the choice between Audi and Mclaren, you know?

Saab launches model with sunroof.

What about this car, the picture speaks for itself, very nice car! Pass the car to take his girlfriend.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Over 50 F40 Ferrari to celebrate 25th anniversary

In order to mark the 25th anniversary of the launch of the iconic Ferrari F40, the Ferrari Owners Club UK intends to pursue a meeting worthy to enter the Guinness World Records. The goal is to have more than 50 units that historic Italian model at the Silverstone circuit in England.

"Our primary goal was to have at least 25 of these Ferrari and, as would contacting the owners, I was pleased that so many wanted to participate in this celebration - so many that we now have over 50 F40 registered for the event and is expected to arrival of more, "said Nigel Chiltern-Hunt, coordinator of this event.

Watch the video on the F40

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Citan, the new compact Mercedes Commercial

The designation Citan joins the words 'City' and 'Titan' and give name to a new compact Mercedes commercial, which will be first presented in September at the International Exhibition of Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, Germany.

This new commercial vehicle is based on the next generation of the Renault Kangoo and will be available in conventional petrol and diesel, as well as passenger and commercial versions of different lengths and weight classes.