Saturday, January 28, 2012

Porsche 911 Turbo will have tri-turbo

The image shows the new 911 Turbo in final testing at the Nurburgring, a model that will come up with a revised engine.

There will be a unique system, because BMW has announced that the new six-cylinder 3.0-liter supercharged diesel will receive triple to motorize, among others, M550d. Porsche's system is the final stage of development, bearing the mark of Zuffenhausen been using previous versions of the new 911 Turbo parallel model.

It was through the patenting what became known triple system supercharged Porsche. Looking to these patents, it is clear that the German brand uses three individual turbos, which is mounted a little close to the engine and is intended to provide torque at low speed, and two more similar to those used in current Borg Warner Turbo 911 current, which take care of the higher maximum power regimes.

With this system, Porsche wants to increase power and torque at low revs, while the power is delivered in a more linear throughout the rev range. In addition, the technicians of the German claim that this supercharging system is more effective in terms of fuel consumption and emissions by offering significant fuel savings.

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  1. I really think we've all seen the same photo about a year ago, when 991 wasn't revealed yet. Tri-turbo sounds interesting. Thankfully, Porsche doesn't reduce its engines, maybe because 911s utilize the Boxer-6 engine. I think this might be really an amazing car, especially with its improved performance. The new - 991 generation - 911 CS was faster on Nurburgring than the last - 997 generation 911 GT3 (RS?). Terrific car.