Very dynamic new look for BMW

BMW launched a new model that depicts the autoovel new look coming very dynamic of cars to be sold.

Mazda with its sporty convertible model.

This model comes mazda increasingly value their brand, because it is a very nice car with some very graphic lines excel.

Mclaren or Audi?

Many racing fans do not know what and why the choice between Audi and Mclaren, you know?

Saab launches model with sunroof.

What about this car, the picture speaks for itself, very nice car! Pass the car to take his girlfriend.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Talisman is the new flagship Renault

To earn their place in the much desired Chinese market, Renault presented the Talisman, a new flagship of the French brand, exclusively for the Chinese market.

The Talisman is based on Samsung SM7 and is defined as the representation of "casual luxury", ie, affordable luxury, that the Chinese are so fond, in a market clearly targeted for the elite, where large sedans are all the rage.

Produced in Korea, Renault Samsung Motors plant, Talisman will be sold in China from June.