Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe revealed

The model will reach the Portuguese market in the next semester and have the task of replacing the unloved 5 Series GT and give it to the Mercedes CLS and Audi A7, the real four-door coupes niche market opened for the first Mercedes with the CLS . Here are the first details and photos of the new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.

It took only 20 months between the presentation of the model as a prototype in the Hall of Beijing, after BMW has already offered a first image of what it would be 4 door coupe with the CS Concept presented in 2007. Interestingly, this prototype would lead to the four-door coupe and a sedan that would take the place of the Series eight, having been abandoned due to the recession experienced since 2008. So, the rival to the CLS and the A7 will be a model that will complement the 6 Series, joining the coupe and cabriolet.

When it comes to style, the Grand Coupe is much like the Series 6, with the front grille and squalid leaning forward with the side to be equally similar to the coupe / cabriolet. Then everything is different, with a roof of course longer, wider B-pillars with traditional doors opening, the rear doors with the famous "Hofmeister kick" and the absence of doors in frames to complete the look of this Gran Coupe.

The total length is 5.007 meters, with a width of 1.894 meters and a height of only 1.392 meters, ie, the Gran Coupe has 11.2 cm more than the coupe and has more than 2.7 cm in height and is based on Series 6 platform, but with the wheelbase stretched to 11.3 cm for 2968 mm. Interestingly, exactly the same as the Series 5 ... matter of habit, even if the interior of the Gran Coupe is only for four.

With regard to mechanical, once again the powerful BMW chooses to block market entry. All blocks have the technology TwinTurbo Power, starting with the 640i range, with the 4-liter six-cylinder with 320 hp, offered through dual turbocharging, direct injection and Valvetronic system. Following is the 640D with the excellent 313 hp turbo diesel, with the top of the range is the 650i, equipped with the 450 hp V8. As regards performance, the 640i goes from 0-100 km / h in 5.4 seconds, spends 7.7 l/100 km and emits 179 g / km of CO2. As for the 640D, consumes 5.5 l/100 km and emits 146 g / km of CO2, accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 5.4 seconds. But the 650i emits 199 g / km, accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 4.6 seconds and consumes 8.8 l/100 km. All of them are limited to 250 km / h.

As part of the Gran Coupe equipment, we find the power steering so, the dynamic control of dampers (Dynamic Damper Control), while as an option customers may opt for active steering (Integral Active Steering) and the Adaptive Drive. Noted that the xDrive all-wheel drive is available for the 650i Gran Coupe.

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