Monday, September 12, 2011

EV-STER, Honda's electric sports

At just 3.57 meters long (1.5 meters wide and 1.1 meters high) and a wheelbase of 2.35 meters, the EV-STER is Honda's vision about the future of the sport compact, was one of the stars of the Tokyo Motor Show.
Compact, EV-STER has two seats, rear-wheel drive and electric motor. With extensive use of carbon fiber, reduced the total weight of the vehicle and help extend the battery life of up to 160 km.

To provide a driving experience more interesting, the Honda EV-STER regulation has several features like the suspension and the engine power output.
Inside, the instruments, vehicle information and internet connection, air conditioning and navigation system are grouped into areas so that the driver just worry about driving. There were no further data on the engine or on the batteries, only that they are loaded in 3 or 6 hours, depending on the outlet.

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