Saturday, October 8, 2011

Insignia CDTI engine gets 195 hp

While GM claims the financial performance of Opel, this works to improve their offerings and attract European consumers.

The 2012 Opel Insignia was the first car of the new phase of GM sedans to appear, and now receives more reason to be a reference within and outside the company.

A new version 2.0 CDTi win two turbochargers to deliver 195 hp. Only one detail, the engine in question is Fiat.

Anyway, it does not take the car or the merits of Opel, which has excellent products and is admired in many places where you never put your "tires".

Reaching 230 km / h going from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.7 seconds, the Insignia 2.0 CDTi BiTurbo average is 20.4 km / liter and emits 129 g / km of CO2. The six-speed manual transmission is longer and there is the Start & Stop system to reduce consumption.

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