Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ford Mustang with 1100 hp

Carroll Shelby is a name that despite being mostly confined to the U.S., is chiefly known for Cobra, magnificent racing cars capable of walking on the road. Your company decided to explore all boundaries with this Mustang Shelby 1000. Fortunately, the version approved for riding on the road has more than 950 hp ... True, Shelby 1000 Shelby Mustang offers two versions of the road and circuit. This variant has 1100 hp and should be a real crazy! The Shelby will build only 50 units of 1100 hp. Anyway, who wants to have such a beast, you must purchase a Mustang GT500 Shelby and then leave to do their magic. All in all, everything will be affordable for 150,000 euros. In the U.S., of course

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