Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anticipates new Volvo XC90

The model will not be released before 2014, but Volvo has decided to reveal some of the drawings that show how the SUV will be the brand at that time, also emphasizing the use of diesel hybrid technology for low emissions and reduced fuel consumption.
News of the XC90 will be the debut of the common platform that will enable various models and the production of those models, regardless of its size, a single production line, with the obvious gains in productivity.

In terms of mechanics, as well as a range of new petrol blocks with only four cylinders, the XC90 will have hybrid drive, the same as the Volvo unveiled at the Geneva S60 Plug-In Hybrid. With a diesel engine backed by an electric motor, the system will allow the XC90 download beyond 50 g / km of CO2 consumption l/100 km 2. The engine of this powertrain is the D5 with 215 hp, and the traction ahead. To maintain the four-wheel drive, the XC90 will feature an electric motor with 72 hp, rear axle mounted on a specially designed for this. The six-speed gearbox is automatic.

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