Saturday, August 20, 2011

BMW joins the Toyota

Essentially, the idea is to provide the BMW Toyota with its excellent Japanese brand diesel engines and send to Munich hybrid technology is well established to be developed by BMW.

The announcement of this partnership will be officially in the Hall of Tokyo, but rumors have circulated for a long time and a source at BMW told several media that talks between the two brands are a reality, declining, however, confirm the official announcement that this exchange of technology.

In simple terms, it is an exchange of interests. BMW to Toyota will provide the building blocks of 4 and 6 cylinder turbodiesel with common rail technology and TwinPower for this use in the range of expanded and revised models to market in Europe and other markets, offering top engines in the Toyota and Lexus.

The part of Toyota, BMW to deliver the current and future hybrid technology, properly tested and make more reliable for the German brand to develop its range of environmentally responsible models. In addition to making the brand BMW i alternatives to purely electric models.

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