Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skoda shows details VisionD

The next generation of Skoda models will be more aesthetically attractive, and the Concept VisionD, the Czech brand aesthetic shows the direction of future models - the aim was to provide a more modern look without losing the essence of the historic franchise.

With almost similar dimensions to those of a Volkswagen Golf, the VisionD characterized by elegant lines and modern, with an extended roof that falls gently towards the rear, and so giving rise to the rear gate.

In front, the huge front grille remains the center of attention, although the Czech brand's new logo, placed at the bottom of the hood, extends to the grid. The compact forms of optical and other details to be adopted by future models.

Inside, typically "concept car" with futuristic lines and exotic materials, enhancement for the large multifunction display in the center console and the absence of the traditional hand brake between the front seats, replaced by a storage space.

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