Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Car of the Year 2012 with finalists chosen

After much deliberation and an endless list of cars, the jury of the Car of the Year 2011, consisting of 59 members from 22 countries, including Portugal, has selected the short list of seven established.

With the winner to be announced on the opening day of the Geneva International Motor Show, there are seven vehicles that the 59 jurors from 22 countries chose to fight among themselves for assigning the reward "Car of the Year 2011."

Thus, Citroen DS5, Fiat Panda, VW Up, Range Rover Evoque, Ford Focus, Toyota Yaris and Opel Ampera / Chevy Volt, which form the group will leave the replacement of Nissan Leaf, Car of the Year 2011.

3 comentários:

  1. wow interesting Thanks for the infos :) followed

  2. The Citroen DS5 is a very solid car, and I would not be surprised if it scores high.