Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fiat launches the fourth version of 500

Fiat has released more information about the Elezero (Zero-G) that Auto Sapo already revealed to him first hand. Including the name - will be 500L - and their characteristics, namely, the fact of being just like the 500 as the base will be the Fiat Punto with a length greater than 4 meters.

The success is evident and the 500 at a time when Fiat is struggling to stay afloat, nothing like stress the seam 500 to increase sales. This time is no longer a "pocket rocket" made ​​by the Abarth coupe or a charm, but a compact minivan.

The front of the new product will be equal to the 500 - to give it the air of a family and be able to integrate it in the range - but then everything will be different. Starting with the platform, based on an extended version of the Punto, which gives a length of 4.15 meters (the 500 has 3.54 meters). You will have two versions, one of five places and seven other places that will be even greater about 10 cm.

After the presentation of 500L in Geneva, the five-seat model hit the market in July, coming to America in January 2013. The seven-seat variant will arrive towards the end of the year, with the initial marketing in the U.S.A

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