Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Stratos will become an Alpine A110?

Ferrari ended any hope of Michael Strosek to produce the brilliant New Stratos, but it seems that Renault wants to help.

Luca di Montzemolo came riding in the car and said he was excited about the project done around the Ferrari F430. This enthusiasm was great, also the promises, but in the end and as usual, Ferrari decided not to cooperate with a brand that produces cars of their rivals. Absolute stupidity of the typical Ferrari that may be used by Renault.

The Auto Sapo already told him every detail of the New Stratos, a car born of the passion of a German businessman who uses the base of the Ferrari F430 under a spectacular body made ​​of carbon fiber by Pininfarina, was developed with the help of Portuguese Tiago Monteiro. The project's called for Ferrari to cooperate in the production of a very limited number of the vehicle, but after Luca di Montzemolo have walked to the car and wonders of the project have said, everything fell apart.

Ferrari, in a very peculiar and incomprehensible attitude, outright rejected any collaboration, as this is a brand that produces vehicles that compete directly with yours. An error, we think, because the base is Ferrari and the car may well be produced in small numbers and help, for example, the image of the Lancia, returning the name Lancia Stratos.

Despite this setback, the men behind the New Stratos arms were not stopped and the latest news say that the talks with Renault are on track and the New Stratos may well end up as a version that will revive the Alpine A110 Berlinetta ...

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  1. I see why Ferrari doesn't want to help, this car doesn't look ferrari at all!

  2. Any new innovations will be squashed by the big companies unless they have a lot of luck and can get the right kind of attention.