Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mercedes W100F, virtual prototype

Work of an Argentine name Jorge L. Fernandez, the F100W honors his compatriot Juan Manuel Fangio.
This designer has decided to run for a hobby web site hosted by Argentina Autoblog -. Regardless of the Mercedes - to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Juan Manuel Fangio, the great plains of the pilot who won five titles of World Champion F.1, some of them behind the wheel of the Mercedes. The W100F Jorge L.

Fernandez was the winner and looking at the pictures, it is acknowledged some details of the W196, the famous silver arrows.
Besides the truly stylish attractive model, the Argentinean designer remembered the practical side and created two versions, the Monza W100F, and W100F competition version Stradale, variant for use on the road.

In the fertile imagination of Jorge Fernandez, the W100F is equipped with a supercharged V8, and the Monza version, the V8 biturbo becomes. A truly spectacular work of Argentina, being now in the hands of the Mercedes look, or not, this modern Silver Arrow with very good aspect and W196, which recalls the famous 1954 and 1955, years in which Juan Manuel Fangio won the world championship of F.1, which also contains two types of bodywork, wheels covered up or discovered.

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