Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lexus reveals LF-LC in Detroit

This new car is the Lexus brand.
The front is similar to the LF-Gh, prototype unveiled at New York, there are many details borrowed from LFA supercar, especially on the back and the way to the front bumper.

Anyway, after the revelation that will be in Detroit, the planning of LF-LC (LF is for Lexus Future, the LC means coupe) provides for the marketing of the model in 2013/2014, followed by a convertible version will see only the light of day in 2015, taking the place of the SC and being clear rival the Mercedes SL.

What is not known for sure is that this type of engine prototype - where Lexus and Calty work for over a year and a half - will be under the hood. The press release in Japan, says it will be the advanced "Lexus Hybrid Drive" to power the model, while the U.S. release, this detail is omitted.

It is noted that the study and definition of the style was in charge of Calty, the Lexus design company that has been responsible for several prototype Toyota, Lexus and Scion, including the Lexus CT100 h.

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  1. I would love to have this car. I guess I better start saving.

  2. It has a special look, must have it :)